Vin-Vin the Alphabeast

Hurray! I got a new plush toy with a letter V on it. Thanks mama for giving me this huggable monster.

Mama told me that this is a girl and her name is Vin-Vin. Hmm sounds like a male’s name, a short for my name “Vince” hehehe. Mama received this from Alphabeasts Company for review. Thank you for this educational toy ^.^

Together with Vin-Vin is a book with colorful pictures of other beasts but I’m not afraid with them because they are friendly, in fact they help mama in teaching me learn the ABC’s.

Great plush toy ever! Want to know more about Vin-Vin and her friends?

Please read my mama’s review  or visit the Alpha Land at

See you there.



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41 thoughts on “Vin-Vin the Alphabeast

  1. and you are so huggable as well baby

  2. That is one cute huggable monster.

  3. so cute and huggable, both Vince and Vin-vin. Glad you have a soft huggable companion while reading! My kids would love to have one of those!

  4. I wouldn’t mind that kind of monster too if I were you hehehe. Really cute.

    In behalf of Ms. Burrito, thanks for joining Color Connection.

  5. cute little boy:) thanks for the visit sis from KID:) good day!

  6. haha!! ang cute ni vin-vin!! :)

    Late visit from colorful weekend!! :) Drop by my entry if you haven’t already! :)

  7. wow, so cuddly vin-vin you’ve got there…would love to have one for my little girl, too. happy weekend!

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