Music While I Sleep

Music is a very effective way for me to fall asleep easily and also works fine to give me good sleep all throughout the night. I am not sure if it is because of the soothing and relaxing sound of the music instruments played through the music or the beats and rhythm, but listening to good music each night really helps me to fall asleep fast and sound.

We may not have those top of the line music gears at home, with matching humfrees from guitar center, but am glad that I can listen to music through my mom’s cellphone and other gadget. Sometimes we turn the speaker on, or there are times when I also enjoy listening to music through an earphone. Either way, I really enjoy music before and while I sleep.

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March is Here!

March is finally here! Aside from being happy that school will finally be over, this is also the time for those fun and wonderful summer outings to the beach with my family. I do hope we can go to the beach very soon. I cannot wait to swim and play in the sand!

Aside from swimming, other people also look forward to this month because of graduations and other celebrations like town and barrio fiesta. These festivals are like street parties with parades and colorful marching bands. Big speakers with exceptional speaker stand can also be found at the town plaza. I do hope we will celebrate the town fiesta soon, it will be one fun event that I am sure I won’t miss!

Kids and Music

Experts say that learning music at an early age will be very helpful to children’s developing brains. Not only will it aid in hand and eye coordination, it will also help children improve memory, as well as enhance their vocabulary and their auditory skills.

Since I was a little baby, I have always loved music and it has been a part of my playtime. Mom may not have bought me a burstbucker from musicians friend or a similar music equipment, but she sure bought me a couple of toy musical instrument I can play as I discover the wonderful world of music. Now that I am a little school boy, I really look forward to learning how to play some instruments, like the guitar and the drums, maybe. I am sure it will really be a great experience to learn how to play them.

Happy Valentines!


Here is a quick greetings to everyone! May you have a wonderful Valentines Day celebration with your family and loved ones. Are your flowers ready? Are the gifts wrapped? Is that reservation to your favorite restaurant ready? Have you bought the tickets to the movie you planned to see later tonight? Have you called your best buddy to greet him today even when he is away in a detox center at the moment trying to be healthier?

Valentines is for everyone and it will be such a nice gesture to greet everyone close to you, to show them how much you appreciate them and their efforts. So, spread the love and enjoy the rest of the day!

Happy Valentines Day!

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